Sunday, September 05, 2010

Fashion: Bah, humbug! :(

A couple of years ago, a girlfriend offered to take me shopping for some nice new skirts. Knowing that I will no longer wear skirts that don't cover at least half of my knees, she took me to a Jewish shopping area.

Unfortunately, the shop she chose turned out to offer clothes of the "frum but funky" variety.

Big mistake.

Every single skirt in the store was a "hip-hugger," with the "waist-band" (if any) riding at least an inch below the waist.

Folks, no amount of weight-loss on my part is ever going to change the fact that my hips are a clothing-size larger than my waist. In my experience, we "pear-shaped" women look terrible in hip-hugger skirts. The skirts that I bought look gorgeous on the hanger, but don't flatter my so-called figure in the least. And these are the skirts that I'll have to wear for Rosh HaShanah, since the new ones that I ordered online probably won't arrive in time.

I want my old-fashioned waist-hugging skirts back!


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